Process based art Project - Performance> Video Installation> Audience interaction>Sculptural Installation

Executed Venue : Dhaka Art Center, December, 2012

Duration: 10 Days



"We are going through a tough time. Every day we get a new news of Destruction and each one just not a mere accident, they all have many tangential factors of self-centeredness, ignorance, negligence. They all are a massive question on law and order situation. But in the core most of these have a coherent relationship with political and commercial benefits. I know, today we all are aware of this socio political process of destroy- transform-create. This is a maneuvering process to become benefited. Through this process self centric people are actually murdering the sense of right and wrong. It’s pulling us to the end of humanity. In the towns and

countries where this seems irrelevant, we will eventually do the same someday. So I started an experimental art project through this process. I want to know -'Is this process actually murdering the conscience?' Where I'll need peoples opinion, to finally decide on my last phase of creation. Because I don't know yet, what I'm going to create. I only know from the end of the First phase I’ll have my own burned remains." - Kehkasha Sabah (Project Initiator) 

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