A solo exhibition by Ripon Saha at Kalakendra

Violence we experience each day embeds paranoia inside us. This paranoia stopped us to helping others, even to react. This collective inactivity is making the social structure insecure and also demising our feelings towards victim. Today we can see the acceptance of violence in everywhere of our social milieu. Communication, media,social community, entertainment and Information of global to domestic life, all are considering violence silently through our choice of language, sounds, images, gestures, even gossips and so on. It is not enough to say that these are anti-authority violence; they are becoming 'Transversal' violence, that is they are not limited to one society or culture, or they are not confined to a particular political party or government, they are becoming collective. Is this only because of the continuing dangers of political upheaval in our biosphere, which is being radically destabilizing the modes of economy,social and cultural life? Is it the reason for which violence has started to being legitimize and celebrated? We don't have any answers and sadly true, we hardly wish to know! As if we are conditioned such a restrictive reality that is turning us an active and passive observer. An observer who is defined as a silent participant in remorseless entertainment of violence. All these reasoning’s are infusing numbness and heaving up a frustrated tolerance in us. This collective lenience of seeing crimes has started to nurture violence in every layer of society and also in our aesthetical choices in a sense. Consequently, visual artists are not excluded from this milieu. Some artists, who are constantly living and observing these situations, have work and make a position on this. So, the necessity for critiques remains compelling for us. As a curator, we search these artists and present their works under the name of a curatorial project 'Celebrated Violence' (part 1 & part 2). We had presented these two exhibitions in 2014 and after one year we still feel, the violence celebration mindsets have not compromise yet, rather they have been fabricated in every layer of society. So we have decided to continue our search and present the project 'Celebrated violence' as a series of exhibitions showing continuously Bangladeshi artist’s works as solo or group exhibition format.



-Curatorial note by Wakilur Rahman & Kehkasha Sabah

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