A solo exhibition by Anisuzzaman Shohel at Dhaka Art Center Gallery Presentation, Dhaka Art Summit Edition 2

“Violence we experience on daily basis embeds paranoia inside us. This paranoia stopped us to helping others, even to react. This collective inactivity is making the social structure insecure and also demising our feelings towards victim. Now actually we can't feel anything at all... to claim 'Feel', is a great thing. Because 'feel' does not stand only as a personal sentiment! It's also a personified verb; A verb that could be use, for or against, human!  

Today we can see the acceptance of violence in everywhere of our social milieu. Communication, Media, Social community, Entertainment and Information of global to domestic life all are considering violence silently through our choice of language, sounds, images, gestures, even gossips and so on. As if we are conditioned such a restrictive reality that is turning us an active and passive observer. An observer who is defined as a silent participant in remorseless entertainment of celebrated violence. 

Visual Artist is not excluded from this milieu. Some artists, who are constantly living and observing these situations, have work and make a position on this. Celebrated violence is an exhibition showing some Bangladeshi artist’s works and their visual position concerning this issue.”  


 -Curated By   Wakilur Rahman & Kehkasha Sabah

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