An art exhibition by Salma Abedin Prithi  

Opening 7pm, 2 August at Kalakendra

2 August - 12 September, 2016

Kalakendra: 1/11, lqbal Road (3rd floor) Mohammadpur Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

Curated by Wakilur Rahman & Kehkasha Sabah


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Catalogue text by Kehkasha Sabah: 

'Salma Abedin Prithi a young photographer, graduated from Pathshala-South Asian Media Institute, living and working in Dhaka as a freelance artist since last few years. She has participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad with her various photography projects. Her works have been nominated and showed in 3rd Dhaka Art summit's 'Young artist award 2016' and Bengal Foundation's 'Aminul Islam Young Artist Award 2015'. As being a woman photographer her art projects are an analysis of the relationship between photographs of living and remembering a women perspective, and the significance of place, childhood and different communities' identity projects.

'Dry-run' is a curated art exhibition with Salma's new photography series, along with video works, readymade objects, and preparative sketches - which all profoundly bear mundane meaning and overtly surreal comparing to our contemporary life. Salma's photographs are arranged; her sketches, videos, and objects everything would primarily overlook by us but in a spacious gaze they have a reflective impact on what we consider being worth remembering and telling to others from the perspective of a woman's life.  

Her presented works have a feeling of some discomfort. The discomfort of being a woman over trying to liberate her from brooding social and cultural customs. Clearly, Salma's photographic works are influenced by traumatic physical and psychological events from her childhood to adulthood, including friends, social behavior, married life and new life relationships and the experiences to becoming an artist etc. In addition to personal issues, Selma's often brooding and introspective subject matters deal with questions of the national cultural identity of a woman as daughter, wife & mother with doing repetitive customs throughout generation to generation. Consequently. her arranged photographs and videos seemingly show some preparation of unseen ceremony or rituals. Her objects are very much connected with her growing up physical experiences. Living and thinking in a homely environment using- TV, laptops, i-Pad or digital gadgets, having lots of information and images on a daily basis, being biased or framed in social judgments - which all seems cleverly spoken or presented through her works to give a personified meaning to her own life.

We can conclude Salma's 'Dryrun' as featured in a narrative of the self, offered as evidence or as the metaphor of what were, what is and what might have been, or what cannot be said, could be termed as a visual autobiography of a female artist. To us, these autobiographical works are a representation of a young woman's conceptions and challenges of preparing themselves throughout childhood memories, customs of adulthood, married life, relationships, and cultural to political gender biased bodies in social public space."


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