A solo Video project of Wakilur Rahman, Projected on various landscape and architectural spaces, 2014

In Phonetic Image 1, artist projected the Bengali names of 6500 villages, 750 rivers, 64 districts and Unions of Bangladesh, Bengali word dictionary, Bangladeshi newspapers political news etc. These themes are projected through 7-segmented video projections on the outer surface of an exhibition Gallery/architecture (at Dhaka art center). This was done to celebrate our national mother language day, February 21. And In Phonetic 2 exhibition the 7-segmented video projected on the outer surface of Bangla Academy’s main building and also on its adjacent water body. This was done on the Hay festival 2014. 

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Curatorial Note:

What we see first-a word or its images? Words and images are correlating, searching for each other continuously, despite of all differences. Perhaps it is art's achievement to design a system of complete depiction through the medium of script and to find the appropriate means to write something down. For a long time Artist Wakilur Rahman has been involved with words, texts and numbers and their conveyed contextual anthropological or historical meaning and their images for creating his artworks. Phonetic Image 1 and 2 has a continuity of his art practice intervening architectural spaces along with contextual events. 


-Kehkasha Sabah, Exhibition Curator

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