Artist: Kehkasha Sabah

Executed Venue : 16th Asian Biennale ,Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, December 1, 2014

Performance Duration: 30 min

Concept note:

Human behavioral manipulation is so vast that you can't decide what is absolute truth or right. Truth always depends on the perspective of a viewer and right depends on the doer. Trust also is a byproduct of truth or right And I feel in our society , there is a huge lack of trust. Between parents to their child, child to their parents, life partners to each other, Friends to each other, bystander to stranger, public to administration and government to public ...we hardly could trust each other, as it is a complex word, depended with persons morality, perception of truth, family upbringing, life experience, emotional balance and of course it's a counter production of social behavior. But every life depends on other's life activity. So I want to live, I want to trust. Trust you and trust me!

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