A site-specific Installation For 'One mile², January 2015.

Executed Venue: Ruplal House, Old Dhaka


Concept :

'I exist' is a conceptual installation of - How an existence exists in a transformed way, yet memory dissolved or overlapped every day! For this project, I went old Dhaka for seven days and roam around in our given square mile area. Each day I went there by CNG, captured my route through a video camera, reach Old Dhaka and stay about 4 hours. I experienced new places, new stories, and also try to document them with my camera. End of the day I looked for a place for the artwork and came back home, then became busy with my regular life activity. The next day I again go there, and my memory starts to overlap with other new places, new stories, and fading the previous day. But through this everyday journey - my knowledge about that place and my bonding with the people were transforming. So I try to capture all of these things through an installation, where I used a few Ice blocks and two video projections. All three of these materials show the substantial and insubstantial transformation of existence. And for this installation, I found Ruplal house very connected, for its transformation history of ownership and the memory loss for continuous overlapping dwellers.

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