A sound installation in a child room

Duration: 3.30 min

Executed Venue : Rose Garden, Dhaka;

Urban Hour Exhibition, December 2014. 



Rose Garden - A Baroque style palace surrounded with some modern Bauhaus architecture is quite a rare landscape to find in an Urban cityscape like Dhaka. This highly juxtaposing visual of Rose garden area and thinking the condition of its inhabitant when it start to change its serene landscapes to today's urban jungle, it only relates me with my own experience of how painfully a newborn baby grow up in a urbanizing space! My two months aged baby can't sleep a whole month on the daytimes

for an intolerable noise of an under construction site beside our building. This specific noise can't be stopped, no matter whether your urban city is planned or unplanned. There are very few key sounds that gives us a notion of urbanization. Sounds of a Construction site is one of them. This sound makes us pondering to visualize with familiar urban notions of changing landscape or growing little bit up your skyline. It is a universal impasse, it can't be blamed to anyone and also can't be stopped. If these

noise stops your meditative visualization stops. Because we like it or not this sound is the batter of urbanization and every urban child have to learn to endure it.

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