Video art Instation

Executed Venue : On PIXALATION-3, a workshop by Britto arts trust, 16-22 June, 2014

Duration: 10 min (loop) 



Being in a motherhood...every moment of this 10 months are precious. It's a wonderful feeling but it's a complex feeling also - feeling of love, caring and restraint or protective towards an unborn baby,sometimes feeling own body as a vessel for another life. I've done this performance in my eight month pregnancy when I was strongly feeling how my baby growing inside me. My dreams, wishes, thoughts - everything were changing for baby and I'm no longer a subject to me or to the world around me. I was feeling like an Object. With this performance I tried to investigate how a body can perceive as an object? As we know an object is the "person/thing receiving or affected by the action" or an object is "the element that is not the subject but which becomes the subject of the passive". So, I installed my performance video with two more references of objects - a wooden tool and text (definition of object). Through this video Installation, as a performer I become an art object to its viewer.

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