Art Intervention: Photo documentation Installation on (Tajosh Halder Josh's) sculpture

Executed Venue : FAPF, Open Studio, ( Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka ; July 2012.



Food adulteration through Formalin (/ formaldehyde) is a way of Commercial manipulation which is very common in fruit market. I research on few fruits brought from street, I really wanted to see how long they survive after formaldehyde adulteration. And shockingly they survive 4 months in room temperature. After that it starts to decompose. I kept documenting this six month images and install the outcome images in an existing sculpture, titled ‘Serious discussion’ (of another artist). I've tried to create a new art expression by intervening in an existing art work with my photographic installation. My photographic installation gave the total work a new meaning, a new context with our contemporary social crisis. I tried to explore the power of installation art.

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