নারী | Celebrating Women
Curated by Kehkasha Sabah
Independent Curator and Researcher , Bangladesh  
Note form the Curator

 “The exhibition displays 68 photographs, which are chosen by a panel of Jury and Curator, from approximately one thousand six hundred photographs submitted by South Asian photographers under three categories titled – Single, Mobile, and Photostory.
As the exhibition theme suggested -  ‘Celebration of Women’, the jurors and I have to maintain the theme throughout our selection – on the ground what does the true celebration mean to a woman. A celebration is freedom - living life on own terms; Celebration is owning identity; Celebration is possessing pride in inner self; Celebration is taking challenges and gracefully overcome the hurdles; Celebration is living in peace; I tried to arrange a series of images that speaks of celebration from childhood to ailing age, a proof of living, playing, working, caring or simply breathing.  

Women are Powerful. However, there are injustices and biases in society – especially with gender roles, against women rights, physical and mental abuses. To overcome these biases, throughout the exhibition curation, I also arranged images one after another to narrate a story of equality, freedom, hard-earned identity, life struggles, and triumphs. I have also juxtaposed some images between two walls to create conversation among them.  

It is undeniable, there are some roles which women cannot overlook as moral human beings - that is 'Care'; Care is a trait of womanhood, an instinctive nature to a woman; Care is a trait of being in a position of giver;  Thus, Care can be translated as a celebration too if not pressured against her will. In the curatorial process – these narratives of care have been also included by the images of - care as a mother, as a wife, as a human being, as a craft maker, as an artist, as a daily worker, and so on. I believe this exhibition will create many meaningful narratives to understand women, their life struggles and achievement, and especially the narrative of positioning women in a world to be, of gender parity.”

Asian University for Women Photography Club (AUWPC) is the most awaited photography competition and exhibition of the year: the 8th AUW Virtual Photo Carnival. We have received a huge response over the past seven years, and we guarantee that this year you will again experience the very best contemporary photography from all around the world.

We cordially invite you to share and exhibit your finest work with photographers from all over the world. This year, due to the unfortunate pandemic that has struck the world, we will be conducting the exhibition online. However, we hope this online experience is also very exciting and fun for all of our participants and photography enthusiasts.
This year the Exhibition will be Curated by Kehkasha Sabah 
The Judges for the 8th AUW Photo Carnival are:
1. Taslima Akhter
2. Munira Morshed Munni
3. Shahria Sharmin
The exhibition sections: 
1. Single Photographs
2. Mobile Photographs
3. Photo Stories**
1. Street
2. Landscape
3. Portrait
4. Macro
5. Silhouette
6. Conceptual
Cover image credit- Sagupth Alam Zarif
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