Multiple Exhibition's Curatorial Note and Catalogue texts 

1. Curatorial note : 'Alchemy of Loses' - a solo by Asma Sultana. Published by Kalakendra

2. Curatorial note : 'Mercury Falling' - a solo by Mustafa Zaman. Published by Kalakendra

3. Curatorial note : 'Unravelling' - a solo by Kazmin Samia. Published by Kalakendra

4. Curatorial note and Catalogue text : 'Informal' - a solo by Syed Zahid Iqbal. Published by Kalakendra

5. Curatorial note and Catalogue text : 'How Do I Rent A Plan' - a solo by Razib Datta. Published by Kalakendra

6. Curatorial note and Catalogue text : 'Fuzzy Fear' - a solo by Moon Rahman. Published by Kalakendra

7. Catalogue Text: Lost in the urban world' - group exhibition by Studio 48 ; Exhibition held at Dhaka Art Centre, 2014. Published by Studio 48

8. Catalogue Text: 'NewsFood' - a multimedia exhibition by Wakilur Rahman; Exhibition held at Nalinikanta Gallery, Bangladesh National Museum, 2013.


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