Project ‘De | Real’ - a conversation on new realities | Curatorial research by Kehkasha Sabah


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Time line: 25 June - 28 July 2020





The project details: 


De | Real -is a part of my ongoing curatorial research - a process-based curatorial practice. This is a digital collaborative project created by 26 multidisciplinary Bangladeshi collaborators from different geolocations, reflecting and questioning the ethos of new realities of a global pandemic.




Curatorial note:


This pandemic has compromised us on many levels, including our viewing capacities within the four walls. Either we are open to see the real environment through Window, Balcony, Terrace or we can see the constructed reality through Communication Media, Digital screens, and the Internet. But how often we have spent the time to look inside or around us? How we have perceived realities of this transitional time or anticipating the time coming next to it? How to portray the abnormalities of this new normalcy? 


Creative minds always seek escape in their creation to investigate new possibilities. As an artist/curator, we need to observe and register this time of pandemic through our work/thinking process. But how to activate artistic interaction during the global travel restriction? How do we communicate with the audience when all public spaces are compromised? Digital space has proven to be the most constant or active medium of communication during this global crisis. The tech influence in art practice is emerging worldwide and will faster more in the coming days. But what are our shortcomings to coping-up with this tech influenced new normal? If we try to adopt technology with our current practices, will it expand our horizon a little more? Is it possible to re-create human connection in this age of detachment? 


This critical period is also showing us to re-check our previous footprints, wrongdoings, and why we are in the practice of overdoing everything or consuming! Being a creator, we were and are also a part of this over the producing system. It is a challenge for all of us to respond with our minimal resources but in a responsible way. With such objectives, ‘De| Real’ is a research project using digital space with 26 creators exploring themes or practices.  


We are living in conditions and crossing the border of reality and virtual reality every day. The title De | Real also means many things as such. It is true we are prisoners of our mind but it is also undeniable we are bounded in many borders - in the name of country, religion, culture, politics, four walls of our home, or even in perception of the physicality of our body. ‘De-real’ wants to explore all these contextual human conditions by presenting them in a borderless space of technology, where possibilities could be infinite.


Living in this transitional time of the pandemic and heading to some unknown living conditions compelled us to investigate our practices and choices even deeper level. ‘De-real’ invite creators, willing to explore Digital space associating with their critical discourse of human condition. By thinking alternative from the conventional mediums, this project is focusing on process-based or collaborative works, using any/all digital platforms, tools available to us recently. Here we are not trying to create art rather we want to create a alternative journey of this time with conversations on new realities.   



- Kehkasha Sabah, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Project phases:

1. Digital Art Camp (28 June - 12 July) - Through Talk, Collaboration and Process-based Production

2. Exhibition (July 15 - July 28) - Process-based exhibition design, Artist presentation, and Talks








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